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Charter Schools

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There are numerous students in Florida today with tremendous potential that our society is going to miss out on if that potential is not tapped into and developed.

Thanks to Florida Charter Schools, less and less students are being forced to attend underperforming schools or schools that don’t meet their educational needs and learning styles.

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Community Development

Managing services, facilities, and financing infrastructure.

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Without Florida’s Community Development Districts (CDDs), much of the state would look nothing like it does today. Created solely to build and finance infrastructure for planned communities, which could be residential, commercial or a mix of both, Florida’s CDDs are responsible for much of the infrastructure built over the past decade in our beautiful state, including roads, recreational facilities, water, wastewater projects, and more.

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Water & Sewer

Providing environmentally responsible quality drinking water, efficient collection and treatment of wastewater.

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Imagine if Florida didn’t have high-quality drinking water, or if there was no environmental wastewater treatment. It wouldn’t be an ideal place to live. In fact, living with canals, lakes, and beaches full of nasty sewage would be horrible, and would lead to outbreaks of all sorts of diseases.

Florida’s Waste & Sewer Districts are the reason the residents of the State of Florida enjoy such high-quality drinking water. They ensure wastewater services are in full compliance with any and all regulatory requirements. They also look to the future growth of the economy through progressive planning and the implementation of water conservation projects.

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Water Drainage

Managing Excess local, secondary, and primary storm water drainage.

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An abundance of water is a wonderful thing, however, it can become one of the greatest forces to be reckoned with. Florida doesn’t always get rain at the right time or in the right places, but when it does start raining, too much of it can come down much too quickly.

Without Florida’s Water Drainage & Control Districts, the state would be flooded in no time.

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Mosquito Control

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More than simply pestiferous, the presence of mosquitoes increases the population’s risk of contracting infectious diseases. Without Florida Mosquito Control, Florida would literally be unsafe let alone uninhabitable, un-enjoyable, and just a tropical place with lots and lots of pesky bugs.

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Improvement Districts

Creating public-use improvement such as parks, recreational facilities, water works, and more.

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Once a complete wilderness full of swamps, wetlands, and pine woods, Florida is now one of the most sought-after destinations for vacationers and residents in America.

Florida’s Improvement Districts often begin ideal communities that make Florida a dream destination for people from all walks of life, thus improving the overall quality of life in the state. Because of the efficient, hard work through the services provided by Florida’s Improvement Districts, Florida communities are growing significantly, some becoming cities of their own.

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Soil & Water Conservation

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Soil and water might be considered “endless” resources by some, but the fact is that if we don’t look after the quality of what we have, we could end up with vast areas of poor soil and water that can’t be used. In Florida, Soil & Water Conservation Districts take care of these valuable resources through various programs.

Not only do Florida Soil & Water Conservation Districts protect the state’s natural resources through the implementation of various types of technology, but they also make sure to educate the population.

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