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Efficient Service, Better Communities

The communities we live in thrive on the efficiency of our local government’s services. Without the services of Florida Special Districts our land, our homes and entire communities would be uninhabitable, unsafe, and severely underserved.

Communities are about people and we believe that putting people’s needs first is the most important step in community preservation and improvement. We serve the people of our community by empowering Florida Special Districts to be the best stewards possible of taxpayer dollars.

As an insurance service firm whose singular focus is the insurance and risk management needs of Florida Special Districts, we at Egis understand the difficult budget-making decisions that each district must make. Therefore, we dedicate our resources to ensure cost-effective outcomes for every single client, large or small.

Empowering Florida Special Districts

There is no doubt about it, we are here for the long-haul to provide insurance and risk management for Florida Special Districts. Egis Insurance & Risk Advisors insures more Special Districts than any other insurance services firm in the State of Florida.

Our resources continue to grow as we actively work with the insurance underwriting community to tailor programs specifically designed to meet the insurance requirements of Special Districts.

Through our active involvement and investment of time in becoming specialists in each district we serve, we are able to truly empower Florida Special Districts with the insight, expertise, and resources they can trust and count on.

Let’s Join Forces for Better Communities

Just like you, we are committed to the people and communities of Florida who daily rely on the services of your Special District.

Florida has a constantly changing landscape and there’s a lot on the line. Without the right resources you could be left unprotected, dangerously at risk and unable to provide for the communities of Florida.

A broker who understands the needs of your Special District and the financial impact ahead is your greatest asset to maximum efficiency.

With Egis, your district is protected by experienced professionals who are committed to providing the following services:

Loss Control Management

Whether you are insured or self-insured, Loss Control Management is a way for you to control costs, effectively manage claims and enhance your work environment to promote productivity, growth and profitability. Our Loss Control Management service defines areas of potential loss before they occur or prevents further loss from accidents that have occurred in the past.

Risk Transfer Consulting

When it comes to risk, liability should ideally rest with whichever party has the most control over the sources of potential liability. Risk transfer, when done effectively, allocates risk equitably, placing responsibility for risk on designated parties consistent with their ability to control and insure against that risk. Risk transfer is a risk management and control strategy that involves the contractual shifting of a pure risk from one party to another. Examples of risk transfer include the purchase of an insurance policy, by which a specified risk of loss is passed from the Policyholder to the Insurer. Other examples include hold-harmless clauses, contractual requirements to provide insurance coverage for another party's benefit and reinsurance.

Safety Training

Everyday your work environment encompasses all factors that impact the safety, health, and wellbeing of employees. Some factors include environmental hazards, unsafe working conditions or processes, drug and alcohol abuse, and workplace violence. Safety training will help you eliminate risk and stay compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency of the United States that regulates workplace safety and health.

Property & Inland Marine Insurance

Your organization’s physical assets such as buildings, personal business property, equipment, and the personal property of others are at risk of loss. Property Insurance will cover this risk and can be on an “All Risk” or specified perils basis.

General Liability

In order to protect your business against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage from third parties, General Liability Insurance is important. This type of insurance protects your business against operations, products, and completed operations liability as well as advertising and personal injury liability.

Boiler & Machinery

Boiler & Machinery coverage for physical damage and financial loss from equipment breakdown which can include the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged equipment, and the business losses arising from the equipment not functioning. Protection for a wide range of equipment, including HVAC systems, ovens, boilers and furnaces, refrigeration units, elevators, and office equipment.

Public Officials Liability

Public officials liability includes "wrongful acts" by a public official such as actual or alleged errors, omissions, misstatements, negligence, or breach of duty in his or her capacity as a public official or employee of the public entity.

Employment Practices Liability

Wrongful acts that happen during employment such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation are covered by this type of insurance. This policy also covers claims from inappropriate workplace conduct, including (but not limited to) employment-related: defamation, invasion of privacy, failure to promote, deprivation of a career opportunity, and negligent evaluation. Employment Practices Liability does not cover for bodily injury, property and intentional/dishonest acts. The policies are made to protect directors and officers, management personnel, and employees as Insureds. EPLI policies are written on a claims-made basis.


Crime insurance ensures protection from losses resulting from governmental entity-related crime. Protection can cover merchandise, money or other property loss when a company is victimized by someone perpetrating embezzlement, forgery, robbery, securities theft or another form of business-related crime.

Auto Liability

If your automobile is liable for damage caused to others or their property you can be protected against financial loss with this type of insurance.

Auto Physical Damage

You will be insured if your own vehicle is damaged from perils such as collision, vandalism, fire, and theft.

Liquor Liability

Liquor liability covers bodily injury or property damage arising from the selling, serving, or furnishing of alcoholic beverages.

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability provides coverage for security or privacy breaches including data loss. Coverage also available for loss of income from a resulting business interruption.

Workers’ Compensation

There are two parts to this type of insurance that protect an employer against injuries sustained by employees. Part One of the policy covers the employer's statutory liabilities under workers compensation laws. Part Two of the policy covers liability arising out of employees' work-related injuries that do not fall under the workers compensation laws.

Pollution Liability

As most general liability policies exclude pollution risks, Pollution Liability Insurance, a type of gap insurance, covers risks from construction and ongoing industrial operations, such as broken pipelines, fuel spills and release of toxic gases.

Liquid Storage Tank Liability

Storage Tank Liability Insurance provides coverage for owners and operators of above ground and underground storage tanks. The policy covers releases from scheduled storage tank systems for cleanup costs on-site and off-site and third-party loss. The coverage can be used to meet U.S. EPA Financial Responsibility requirements.

Educators Leaders Liability

School Leaders Legal Liability allows those covered to be protected against "wrongful acts" such as actual or alleged errors, omissions, misstatements, negligence, or breach of duty or failure to perform duties.

Abuse & Molestation Liability

Abuse & Molestation coverage for wrongful acts arising from any actual, attempted or alleged sexual conduct by a person, or by persons acting in concert, which causes injury. “Sexual abuse” includes “sexual molestation”, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, or sexual injury.

Student Accident Insurance

If a student sustains a bodily injury during certain covered activities, this type of insurance covers the medical expenses for that incident. The coverage would apply if the policy is enacted for the injured student and the injury is sustained as a direct result of unintended, unanticipated accident that is external to the body of the student. The injury also has to occur while that student is participating in a covered activity.

This coverage works independently from sickness, disease or any other cause.

Coverage is generally enacted while the student is at school and/or while attending or participating in school sponsored and supervised activities on or off school premises. This includes travel to and from school and school athletic tournaments.

Active Assailant

Coverage for loss of income (determined through FEFP calculations) due to a reduction in full-time enrollment in addition to expenses incurred from counseling, medical expenses, public relations, and increased security measures due to an event caused by an Active Assailant.

Special Events Insurance

Usually when hosting an event, many event locations require event hosts to show proof of event liability insurance or add the facility/venue to the required liability insurance policy as an Additional Insured. If an accident happens during a special event or reception as a result of bodily injury or property damage to a third party this insurance will cover it. Examples of Special Events include concerts, festivals, fundraising dinners and exhibitions.